Security & Account Protection

Account security is paramount. It is very important to safe the data which are on it!

The primary security of an account is its password. It is strongly recommended to create it with lowercase letters, capital, numbers, and symbols at the same time.

You can choose a complex password that is easy enough to remember. For example: Enj0y&BeH@ppy! (avoid using this one, be imaginative)

Nevertheless, it is recommended to reinforce the security of access by a complementary means such as for example:

  • Google Authenticator : After entering your username and password, the site will ask you to enter the code indicated by the application.
  • Clé usb fido u2f : After having entered your username and your password, the site asks you to enter the USB key. The cost of acquiring such a key varies from € 10 to € 40-50 because some are Bluetooth …

It is possible to configure both methods: in this case, the site will leave you the choice. 
The additional authentication method is enabled and defined in your profile.