Olivier Lenoble-Folleas

Professional photographer | Saint-Étienne & Proximity

The photographic report in sense of art!

My passion for photography dates back to 2006.

At this time, I only had a compact camera and did family photography.

My attraction and my know-how have grown from year to year, propelled by the creative richness of photography and guided by a taste for the performing arts, the stage, music …

Attached by art and originality, I have a colorful style imbued with authenticity.

Wedding photography

Specialized Photographer, it is with naturalness that my activity has developed in reporting and weddings.

My goal is to offer you the memory of unique moments, magical instants, captured throughout your wedding day.

Attached to quality, originality, and authenticity, my approach always aims for the desired result.

Real estate photography

The professional photographer help to sell on average 21 days faster and at a price 1.1 to 2.8% higher.


Soon as Airbnb brought in photography

professional, bookings were multiplied by 2.5!


Equipment, angle of view, composition, brightness … the recipe to impress 😉

Culinary Art Photography

Food photography plays an important role in the success of restaurants and food services: images play a major role in their social marketing and customer appeal.


If transcribing in photography the qualities of a dish requires a choice, a thoughtful arrangement of the elements, and sometimes to use presentation tips (a toothpick to elevate, for example), the photographs I take are authentic.


Year after year, I have developed a diverse portfolio: photography of parties, weddings, real estate, culinary dishes …

As pictures are important for weddings memories, they have an important role in marketing and I love to deliver quality photography for this!

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